The Fall Of Reason

Music: White, KeyserLyrics: WhiteThere’s a man of conviction who’s all too ready for warThere’s a man with a number who cannot commit murderAnd a fallen idea soon becomes suicideFallen by a decision made without reasonWe soon see that war is much too realWe soon find that reality is warWar of the senses, war of emotionWe soon fail to realize – or do we realize too soon?An idea is fallenA face frozen with fearWe sacrifice unityWe sacrifice safetyBy agreement we failSo by murder we swearBy a bitter mentalityThe onset of warIs the fall of reason …War – dehumanizedWar – we are fighting machinesWar – attack by commandWar – we fall for no reasonWar – what am I fighting for?War – what am I killing for?War – what am I dying for?War – why am I dying?For a government of deceptionFor a country run by madmenFor the wealth of tyrannyFor the safety of those who condemnThe fall of reasonIs the end of existenceThe fall of reasonIs the end of existenceIs the end …

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