There’s some things I don’t have nowSome things I don’t talk aboutThese things are between myself and iIn my thick skull the joker hidesThere’s consequences I’m scared to tasteCold hard truths I can’t faceThese days are different than the pastReflections change in the looking glassAnd everywhere I look there’s something to learnA sliver of truth from every bridge we burnA hatful of quarters and a naked songDon’t answer the question of where we belongHow come birdsDon’t fall from the sky when they die? How come birdsAlways look for a quiet place to hideThese wordsCan’t explain what I feel inside? Like birds I need a quiet place to hideThese independent moves I makeThis confidence I try to fakeYou can hear the beating of my heartBut not a feather falling in the darkAnd everything I hear never makes any senseAnother old prophet perched on the fenceA cupful of pencils and a self help guruDon’t answer the question of what I am to you

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