Can’t We All Just Get Along?

(at the dinner table)Welcome everybody to my tableDon’t be shy, man, grab a seatC’mon, it’s time to eat, dig inFrejoles de t.j., sushi from japanWeenies from americaDon’t forget canned hamMonkey brains from india? ? ? ? from francePizzas from chicagoKorea, dog, many catAll we want is, all we need isAll we want is, all we need isAll we want is one more beerTo teach the worldTo sing in harmonyEating can resolveThis racial tensionGet yourself a side of beefElectric knife, and 50’ of cordFlies from ethiopiaSangria de espanaCrumpets from englandSand from iranBratwurst von deutchlandMeatballs from swedenMongolian bbqBacon from canada, eh…The next time you’re about to shout a racial slur, stop, and think aboutAll the wonderful dishes that come from his or her country, and channelYour energies into enjoying your next international delight!

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