Chinese Arithmetic (4:35)

Candle light, it burns in every hole of your eyesIt’s beautiful, how much you’ll never realizeSo hush my love, there’s something I’m to tell you nowYour time has come, around again my sleepless oneYour friend was young, hung and plasteredHe never knew his own disasterI think it’s good, in fact it was fasterCause it was you that he was afterHold me now, as if you’ll never let me goUnhand me now, as if you’ve always known my nameHis love was king, his love was masterHe needed more, he needed alwaysHe searched in vein for love and shelterIn every soul, in every hallwaySo you thought she’d be sweeter than your girlfriend PeterWell give it a second chance cause you’ve yet to meet herWe got the same ideas, we got the same old fearsThey’re different colors sometimes, but, hey, who cares?Just years that tears our lives apartJust like the time that you tried to teach your cousin to walkHe couldn’t do it-push!-you told him twiceWell, I do man but it just don’t jiveTried so hard to control my behaviorI tried so hard, so hard to believe youBut now I live only to deceive you…So KICK and SCREAM!!!

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