Everybody’s Sweetheart

When I told my babyDo what you wanna doWell I had no ideaJust what she’d put me throughEvery night she’s runnin’ ’roundSingin’ songs in your hometownThere ain’t no one to love meWhen the sun goes downChorus:Well, she’s everybody’s sweetheartEverybody’s sweetheart but mineI shoulda kept her barefootBarefoot and pregnant all the timeI used to be the first in lineNow I’ve fallen way behindShe’s everybody’s sweetheartEverybody’s sweetheart but mineAll that country club moneyLord it sure looked good to me… yeah it didPlayin’ golf with those fat catsHow much better could life beThey all think I’ve got it madeThey see your face on every pageOf every magazineAcross the usaChorusIf you see her tell her hiAnd everything will be all rightTell her that I love her’til the day I dieChorusCome on home

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