Get Out! (remix)

My place is not a homeIt don’t make no differenceBut I found that I needA place to stayAnd if I listen what the landlord man sayYou should have seen all the flops in my houseWe was jumping on walls and kicking ceilingsNowadays people listen to meWhen I say. . Get out.Hold me and don’t let goIt don’t make no difference that you’re a hoCause I need a place to stayA new disease was just the price I paidIn days of old that’s how it used to beOh yes indeedThat girl is dead to me nowAnd I say. . .uhSo let the lovin take a hold over meLet the lovin take a hold over meFollow me Long Beach posseCause all I see is your fussin and fightin1992 so let’s all start unitingPut your heads together be the best you can beLet this jam take us to 1993Stay positive. . the love will come back to me. . a hold over me. .But some jealous punk snuck up around the backHe tried to take the lovin over meOh I got in a fistfightAnd wound up in jail all night

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