Final Hours

I knew the day would comeMaybe this would be the oneWhere I would say good-byeI’ve tried to understandThe law of supply and demandBut it does no good to wonder whyI wonder if my number is really up this timeThere were other times beforeWhen I thought it was overSomehow I made it this farWon’t be lucky foreverThese could be the final hoursI wish I could say I feelMore than fear and bitternessI’ve given you everthing I hadMaybe I could have gave moreAll I can do is wait and seeIf these are my finalI’m waiting just waiting to seeAre these my final hoursYou’re so afraid of how you lookAnd what they think of youDon’t you know what really mattersIt’s not what you say it’s what you doYou make me laugh when you demand respectI only give respect when respect is dueYou’re just a gambler politicianChairman of the boardCorporate suck assPlaying the oddsGambling with livesThat to you are no moreThan numbers and statistics

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