…because of the strict organisation and the brutalityof his treatment he feels robbed of his dignity…Life is hell, a mindless odyseeNow here I dwell, stuck in miseryForced to draw the line, life not worth a dimePain rules my day, living to obeyFORCED! FORCED!The guard wants to provoke meThe priest wants to calm me down:Rage is aggravating. The punishment is knownAlready stopped living, No mind, no heart, no willCaptured in a death-trap, Forced to keep stillRESPECT I REGRET, RESPECT MY SHAMEFUL LIFENothing left to lose, except my selfcontrolRage is satisfying, feelings are rebornGot to end this nightmare, awake before I dropTo fight because I’m humanThe last thing that I’ve gotRESPECT I REGRET, RESPECT MY SHAMEFUL LIFEFORCED! FORCED!FORCED! FORCED!

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