Mister Kingdom

Daylight comes to those who liveBut those who die, they never see the sun comeShining through their window paneThey pass awaySilly girl to be a foolYou didn’t play the golden rule’Cause once you’re through with one worldThere’s another waiting thereCHORUSHelp me, such a lonely soulIn dreamsTo leave behind the worldMr. Kingdom, help me pleaseTo find the rainbow’s endLooking from this empty roomThe corridors of endless gloomGo crawling through the nightTo meet the dawn that’s on its wayOh, to sleep, per-chance to dreamTo live again those joyous scenesThe laughter and the folliesThat are locked inside my headCHORUSI can dream of flying highAbove the city’s cares and never be afraid of anyone’Cause there ain’t no one thereCHORUS

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