My Life With The Butterflies

When I look out side, what do I see?I see a colorful butterfly flutter right by me.I get out my net, I catch it after a while, and I bring it inside, andcalled it Giles.I take a look at its wings, so colorful and cool, and to keep in my netwould be really cruel.But I decide to let it go, but it flies out and is eaten by a crow.And than his brother comes on it and beats be down for letting the crowkill him.So now I’m bruised and beaten lying in my flannel on the floor.And than go to a movie sneak preview, and see the butterfly going out witha girl called Lou.After seeing that film, the only word that comes to mind is "Eew!"And I like Lou, and the butterfly is a Jew…so I tell Lou, and Lou nowhates Jews!Now I’m with good old Lou, and we went to the movies to see ”I Killed theJews”.And than we went back to her house for a party, and we called our friends,than we partied until 1:10!And than I was asleep and I heard a freaky creep. I looked out the window,and there was a swarm of BUTTERFLIES and mosquitoes.And than I was dead, and I flew up in the sky for miles and miles, andeventually I caught up with good ol’ Giles.We went to his cloud home, and we drank coffee and played pranks on thephone!This story was made up, as you can see. You would have to be a fool if youever believed me!

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