Open Door

Never had the luck to see that face before at most I’ve only had a fleetingchance but now it looks as though you’re just not fleeting anymore now it hasturned into quite some romance and I’m distant no longer more since you havecome to pass right through right through that open door people come and peoplego in the end they’re all the same the quest for someone special is all soclear trying to find identity trying to find a name I seem to find myselfsince you’ve here I’ve fought oppression I’ve paid the price but here with youIt’s twice as nice so I’ll change my ways I’ll start today I’ve got to changeMy life my heart goes out to all of you the many who have tried to try andgrasp what of that they may dream I’ll tell you right now all of you in yourventure to find it’ll happen so fast you won’t have time to breath

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