Steam was rising in the Asian quarterWhen she stepped out in the street.Voices dropped and every eye was on herAs she braved the midnight heat.Dominiqueshe was a cool oasisShe could soothe rhe burning heart.Dreams of passion written on their facesOne by one they fall apart.Soldiers of fortune surrender like childrenAnd follow wherever she leadsAnd they all fall downit’s one more night of -Dominoesdominoesevery heart is fallingBut something else is calling her into the nightcan’t you hear me?DominoesdominoesI’m coming back to find youDon’t let the shadows blind you from love when it’s mine.To eyes that stared she never shared emotionit’s a secret that she keeps.And no one sees the tears that I see fallingurgent whispers calling me.Conquering heroes have soon fallen preyto that far away look in her eyesAnd ther all Fall downit’s one more night of -Dominoesdominoesevery heart is falling. . .And they all fall downand they all fall downcan’t you hear me?Dominoesdominoesevery heart is falling. . .[email protected] heart is falling. . .

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