State Of Independence

State of live, may I live, may I loveComing out the sky, I name me a nameComing out, silver world – for what it isIt is the very nature of the sound, the gameChant:Shablamidi, ShablamidaShablamidi, ShablamidaShablamidi, ShablamidaChant:Shot to the soul – the flame of Oroladian(The) essence of the worldThe state of independenceSounds like a signal from youBring me to meet the soundAnd I will bring you to my heartLove is like a signal you callTouching my body, my soulBring me to meet me hereHome, be the temple of your hearthome, be the body of your loveJust like holy water to my lips (hey, hey)Yes, I do know how I surviveYes, I do why I´m aliveTo love and be with youDay by day by day by dayTime, time again, it is saidWe will hear, we will seeSee it all – in His wisdom – hearHis truth will abound the landThis truth will abound the landThe state of independence shall beThe state of independence shall beSay, yeah – e – yah , yeah – e – yoYeah – e – yay – yeah – e – yo ……Yeah – e – yeah (hey, hey)

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