The Coldest War

People say it’s peace timeWe’re looking towards the sunWe’re destroying tanks and bombsNo more threatening "Red scum"The Arabs? They’ve been silencedAnd the oil is running freeSo don’t worry about your futureThey’ve made it safe for you and meBut can you fill up your car and turn up your heatKnowing your tank is filled with the blood of a terror democracy?How about the puppets we put in power in South America?To make sure we’d have no problems, unfriendly neighbors are such abotherInternational corporations cannot come and reap the harvestIf the people are in power they’d realize just why they’re starvingThere is a war going on in your town, it’s right outside your doorWelfare? Ha! That’s a fucking laughIt’s government candy, it’s poverty’s crackFor some there’s no such thing as peaceEconomic wars have gone on for centuriesThe police? They’re an army. An army built for you.And the CIA and FBI don’t have to follow rulesFilter drugs down from the heavens, and guns a blaze tonightYou only feed into their hands when you kill off your own kindWell there’s a weapon that they have that’s more cruel than the bomb’Cause you die off very slowly thinking YOU create the harmIt’s a weapon they call welfare and it’s something many wantAnd they’re willing to give it out because it keeps you in the darkWhy kill you? You’re a bother, but no one would stand for thatWhen we can put you in a ghetto style concentration campWhat better way to keep a list of everyone that’s poorThan to set up a program that keeps you coming back for moreOh to live inside of your world must be such a fucking dreamNot to worry day to day about your fellow human beingsIF YOU NEED A CANE TO WALK, YOU’D GET NOWHERE WITHOUT IT.IF YOU NEED A GOVERNMENT TO LIVE THEY’VE GOT YOU WHERE THEY WANTYOU.

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