Turn My Night Into Day

(R.Mayer, Y. Özyürek, A. Pichler, K. Wittmann, C. Egglestone)When the night is comingpeople meet in the barthey are chatting and drinkingand they feel like starsWhen I look at the ladywith the beautiful eyesI feel so attracted to herI’m on cloud nineChorus:Turn my night in … Turn my night into dayand please don’t walk … Don’t walk awayI think it’s time that I asked youwhat you’re doing tonitethinking all of the things we could dojust the thought is niceThe two of us in my apartmentlaying side by sideand we’re gonna work togetherand we’ll work very hardChorusGuit. / Drum soloRiffGuit./ Drum soloNotes:The lyrics’s a fairly straight one … about one-night-stands.Pichi’s guitar solo adds a particular Latin flavour to the songSimply enjoy …

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