Walkin’ My Baby Back Home

-artist: nat king cole-peak billboard position #8 in 1952-words and music by roy turk and fred ahlert in 1930-charted in 1931 by nick lucas (#8), ted weems (also #8), the charleston-chasers (#15), and lee morse (#18).-also charted in 1952 by johnnie ray at # 4-title song from the 1953 film starring donald o’connor, janet leigh, buddy-hackett, and scatman crothersGee, it’s great after bein’ out lateWalkin’ my baby back homeArm in arm over meadow and farmWalkin’ my baby back homeWe go ’long harmonizing a songOr I’m recitin’ a poemOwls go by and they give me the eyeWalkin’ my baby back homeWe stop for a while, she gives me a smileAnd snuggles her head on my chestWe start in to pet and that’s when I getHer talcum all over my vestAfter I kinda straighten my tieShe has to borrow my combOnce kiss then I continue againWalkin’ my baby back home<instrumental interlude>She’s ’fraid of the dark so I have to parkOutside of her door till it’s lightShe says if I try to kiss her she’ll cryI dry her tears all through the nightHand in hand to a barbecue standRight from her doorway we roamEats and then it’s a pleasure againWalkin’ my babyTalkin’ my babyLovin’ my babyI don’t mean maybeWalkin’ my baby back home

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