We Belong

We belong, we belong to the lightMany times I’ve tried to tell youMany times I’ve cried aloneAlways I’m surprised how well youCut my feelings to the boneDon’t want to leave you reallyI’ve invested too much timeTo give you up that easyTo the doubts that complicate your mindChorus:We belong to the lightWe belong to the thunderWe belong to the sound of the wordsWe’ve both fallen underWhatever we deny or embraceFor worse or for betterWe belong, we belongWe belong togetherMaybe it’s a sign of weaknessWhen I don’t know what to sayMaybe I just wouldn’t knowWhat to do with my strength anywayHave we become a habitDo we distort the factsNow there’s no looking forwardNow there’s no turning backWhen you say(chorus)Close your eyes and try to sleep nowClose your eyes and try to dreamClear your mind and do your bestTo try and wash the palette cleanWe can’t begin to know itHow much we really careI hear your voice inside meI see your face everywhereStill you say(chorus)From the album tropicoWritten by: d. navarro & r. lowen

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