Workin’ for Mca

(ed king – ronnie vanzant)Seven years of hard luck, comin’ down on meFrom the florida border, yea up to nashville tennesseeI worked in every joint you can name, mister every honkytonkAlong come mr yankee slicker, sayin’ maybe you’re what I want(chorus)Want you to sign your contractWant you to sign todayGonna give you lots of moneyWorkin’ for mca9000 dollars, that’s all we could winBut we smiled at the yankee slicker with a big ol’ southern grinThey’re gonna take me out to california gonna make me a superstarJust pay me all of my money and mister maybe you won’t get a scar(chorus)Suckers took my money since I was seventeenIf it ain’t no pencil pusher, it got to be a honkytonk queenBut I’ll sign my contract baby, and I wan’t you people to knowThat every penny that I make, I’m gonna see where my money goes(chorus)

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