You Win Again

I’m standin here freezin at a phone booth baby In the middle of God knows where I’ve got one quarter left Your machine picks up But baby I know you’re there And I just start cryin douse it makes no sense To waste these words on twenty-five cents On a loosing game Baby, you win again I’ve been turnin it over and over again Like a stone I’m waitin to wish on Been holdin my breath Wonderin when you’ll make some sort of decision To let me in or to let me go I’ll always loose if I never know Where I fit in Baby you win again (CHORUS) I can’t be right if I’m always wrong I can’t stand nothin I’m always kneeling At your alter or at your throne You could show just a little feeling For who I am Baby you win again Last night I dreamed we were standin here At the corner of love and heartache You jumped into your car Found first gear And baby I felt the earth shake And I stood here freezin with my heart in my toes Cause theres never a look of word or woes At the bitter end Baby you win again (CHORUS)

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